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At MBT the size of your body is not important. It's about being fit, enjoying life and building a strong mind. I think that this helps us to be strong when life is difficult. It's about balance and growth. 

My aim when planning classes is that you leave feeling energised and wanting more! There is nothing better than seeing someone leave with a smile on their face so I keep classes fun and friendly, with a suitable amount of challenge, of course!  

What you should know......

When you sign up for a class I'll send you a Fitness questionnaire and Covid form and we can talk beforehand about any concerns or issues you might have.  

Wear suitable clothing for exercising in, if you don't have gym wear then leggings/shorts, vest or t-shirt will do. And if you sweat anything like me then please feel free to bring a towel and water bottle. 

You can sign-up for any class here and pay-as-you-go. 
The most cost-effective way of booking classes is by becoming an MBT member.

If you have any questions about the classes reach out and message me here


Core Fit
Core Fit

Core Fit is a work out for your entire body. You'll develop better balance, gain strength and improve your cardio. Not two classes are the same but you can expect Russian twists, body weight exercises, medicine balls, sandbags, power ropes, TRX suspension training, plyometrics and other non-traditional strength exercises.

Week by week you'll be able to feel and see your progress. You'll walk away from each class feeling more confident and amazed at what your body is able to do.


"When you do a class like Core Fit you'll find that everyone's wins are celebrated, it's the kind of class where Becky delivers to mixed abilities. The rest of us will be there to cheer and clap you on, even if you are the last to finish!"

Lucy Smale


Wednesdays 6-7pm


Kettlercise combines kettlebell training with an awesome sound track. This class is for all abilities and you can move at your own pace to develop technique and strength. You'll challenge your mind as well as your body putting together short sequences into a fun routine. I recommend beginners start with a 4kg kettlebell to develop a secure technique. If you desire a bigger challenge we can work up from there.


"I love Becky's drive, she really helps you not to give up. She challenges in a good way, to do 3 more, use a heavier weight, keep going and this does wonders to help build my self esteem and confidence. Her belief in me helps me to believe in me too".

Christina & Sharolyn Broad


Saturday 8.00 - 8.50 am



PadFit is a fun energetic class that will leave you exhausted, not just physically but also from how much you laugh! You'll learn the basic punches, knees and elbows mixed with high energy moves i.e. bear crawls, push up and wall squats. PadFit is a group class and we normally working in partners. The class has a light hearted feel which means you are guaranteed to have fun! At the end you'll be both mentally and physically ready to take on the world!


"We've been exercising and attending classes for years and nothing has been as good as Becky's classes at MBT. We don't know how she does it but every class it different, you don't get bored. Becky is so creative, she can always find new ways to make you ache!

After a class we feel knackered but brilliant! There is definitely a rush of endorphins! We feel so supported and glad we turned up and did it".

Beckie and Tim Wells



Monday 6.00 - 7.00 pm

Running Club
Running Club

Running club is a friendly relaxed group, we run on average 4/5 miles within the hour. We make sure we look after everyone and if you want more of a challenge we incorporate run backs along the way for the more energetic in the group.

It's a great chance to get some fresh air, talk openly with the group, burn some calories and create resilience to keep on going. We regularly vary the route, high viz jackets and torches are required in the winter months.


"Afterwards I feel exhausted but in the same breath a massive sense of achievement.  I think better and I feel more energised. It even helps me eat better and generally makes me feel happier. Nowadays I don't give up and I don't give in, I just get on with it".

Sheena Cotterill


Tuesday 6.00 - 7.00 pm

Please bring your own water bottles


Open Gym
Open Gym

But that's not all! Elevate your fitness experience with exclusive open gym sessions available throughout the week.

With flexible evening hours, prioritising your health and well-being has never been easier. Build confidence in using equpiment, explore your strengths, weaknesses and potential goals. With 10 hours of gym time per week, you have the freedom to sculpt your body, crush your fitness goals or build confidence on your schedule with training partners.

Gym equipment on offer includes; leg press / hack machine, cable machine, squat rack, Hex bar and deadlift area, an array of dumbbells, weights from 2kg to 40kg, Keetlebells, Pull up bards, Ski Erg, Echo Bike and Rowing machine. You are expected to set up your own equipment and put it away afterwards. 

Open gym is for you if you are self motivated and want time to work on your own goals with your own workout routine -  with the beauty of doing it by yourself or with a training partner. Becky is always around if you need a chat or guidance but this is not a PT session. 

"Open gym gives me the time and freedom to work on the areas I want to improve or try something new. I can't always make classes as my weekly schedule can change with work and childcare but open gym means I don't have to miss my workout time now, even if I can't make a class. It's a great option to have."

Lisa Townsend.


See timetable for sessions