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MBT Membership
MBT Membership

The MBT membership is the best and most cost-effective way to benefit from all MBT has to offer.

"I encourage everyone to join MBT, it's like a big family, everyone is friends. We'll be there to support you." 

As an MBT member you have first choice when it comes to booking classes and can pick and choose those sessions which fit best around you and your lifestyle.

The price is £35 per person.




Ready to sign up?

1. Your first step is to pick a class or classes you would like to attend on our booking page and complete your details Link

2. Complete a PAR-Q. Link

3. Now enjoy your workout!


Our aim at MBT is to provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space and community where you can not only build a strong mind and body but also have fun!

You can attend unlimited MBT classes within a month.
All members must book in for the classes you want to attend that week.
If you can't attend you must let us know so we can use the space for another member. 

Got a question?

Contact Becky here Click