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MBT Membership

The MBT membership is the best and most cost effective way to benefit from all MBT has to offer.

"I encourage everyone to join MBT, it's like a big family, everyone is friends. The worst bit is walking up the stairs but we'll come and meet you at the bottom and we can walk up together. There's no pressure, I'll support you, Becky will support you - we'll be there." Sheena

As an MBT member you have first choice when it comes to booking classes and can pick and choose those sessions which fit best around you and your lifestyle.

The price is £35 per person and includes all classes including guest teacher sessions and running club.

"The groups at MBT are always welcoming, there is no pressure and the only person I compete with is me. Becky is so knowledgeable, honest, truthful and friendly. I've been to other gyms that push and push you and then you end up injured. Becky is someone who truly someone who looks after you." Kim

Ready to sign up?

1. Your first step is to fill in a membership form with all your details. Link

2. Complete a PAR-Q. Link

3. Final step is the Direct Debit form

4. Now book your classes!


Our aim at MBT is to provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space and community where you can not only build a strong mind and body but also have fun!

Got a question?

Contact Becky here Click