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Frequently asked questions

We know that joining a new class can be daunting - you are not alone! 
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our members.


Q - Do I need to book classes in advance?
Yes! Class numbers are limited and members will get first refusal on classes by booking through our app.

Q - What do I need to bring to classes?
Water bottle, towel and yourself! In the upstairs training area everyone trains in bare foot or gym socks, outdoor foot wear is not allowed on the matts. In the downstairs gym wear your trainers. For Pad Fit you will need to bring pads, gloves and your own skipping rope if you prefer.

Q -Does the gym have changing rooms?
We have a changing room upstairs where you can also leave bags, shoes, coats etc. We also have a toilet.

Q - How do I pay for classes?
There are two ways to pay for classes. The most cost effective way is through the MBT Monthly Membership Visit the Membership Page for more details. We also offer Pay as you go - this is where you pay for individual classes as you want them. To do this - Go to the Classes page - Find the class you want - Click on the PayPal link to book and pay If you are not sure which to pick contact Becky and she will talk it through with you.

Q - Are classes mixed gender?
Yes, all classes are available to men and women.

Q - What age can you start coming to classes?
The minimum age for attending classes is 15 years.

Q - Do I have to be fit before I start coming to classes?
No! We always recommend that you go at your own pace in a class and build up from there. Becky will help by adapting any moves that aren't suitable for you yet and will be on hand to guide and assist you. As a guide for the running group we ask that you feel able to complete 5k as this is typically the length of run.

Q - What do I wear?
Clean, comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. For upstairs classes on mats barefeet or gym socks. Downstairs wear your trainers. We ask that you remove all jewelry prior to class.