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Not Your Average Gym
Not Your Average Gym

MBT fitness is not your average gym - join our community and have the best of both worlds; an open space upstairs for a variety of classes and a downstairs gym setup for individual fitness and personal training.  
You'll find us tucked away on Fore St in the heart of Liskeard. Head towards the big town clock, past the lovely looking fruit and veg on the Beddoes stall and you'll see our sign on the right. 

Welcome In!
Welcome In!

Expect a warm welcome from all our members but especially our newest recruit - Buddy!

Buddy brings an overwhelming / embarrassing amount of butt-sniffing, wagging tails,not forgetting the Buddy dance and of course, loads of love and attention! While we adore his playful spirit, we kindly ask that we refrain from encouraging him onto the mats and avoid putting your face too close to his face, just as we would with any other dog.

Buddy has the biggest bag of treats on the table as you walk up the stairs please feel free to make a new best friend by offering Buddy one.

The Worst Part......
The Worst Part......

No, not this lot! 
But, all the members at MBT agree that getting to the gym and walking through the door is the hardest part!


But on the other side are friendly faces and likeminded gym buddies all with their own challenges, fitness levels and hang ups!  We love to work hard and play hard at MBT so opportunities to be social out of gym wear are frequent! 


Ready to embark on a journey to a healthier, stronger you?

Our limited membership ensures there’s something for everyone, regardless of fitness levels or goals. Unlock access to exhilarating fitness classes and open gym sessions that fit your schedule.


Message Us

Got a question or want more more information? The best way to contact Becky is via Messenger.

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