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Becky Tucker - Personal Trainer
Becky Tucker - Personal Trainer


Hi, I'm Becky - mum of two young children and I was first introduced to fitness after I bought a copy of "Insanity" - just to keep fit! After meeting husband Mark, I moved my fitness to the next level and in this photo I was training twice a day in resistance training and cardio!

Personal Training Sessions or PTs are a great way to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. That's because in a 1-1 there is more time for me to help you understand how your body works and the techniques that will make a difference to you. I will create something that works best for you, your likes and dislikes (my first question in fact!) but also get you moving towards your goals.  

If I had a describe what it's like to do a 1-1 session with me I guess I'd say fun and tough! I love personalising sessions. Some clients are complete beginners and are very nervous about starting to exercise. Other clients want the privacy to exercise at their own pace and set their own challenges. Whatever your goal, you can be sure that the MBT gym is a safe and encouraging environment for you to build strength and confidence. I'll always be there to help motivate you to keep going.

You can take the first step and book a call with me today. 

Why book a PT?
Why book a PT?

PTs are a great way of starting on or developing your fitness journey. Everyone has their own reasons for booking and unqiue goals and motivations for increasing their fitness.  

Functional Fitness - is exercise and movements that mimic real life activities and perform everyday tasks more effectively and safely. The benefits can include: 

- moving freely without pain 
- stretching and reaching with more flexibility and confidence
- weight loss
- increased quality of movement and co-ordination

Strength Training - might be what you are looking for if you want to build muscle definition with weights and honest nutritional guidance. The main benefits are:

- bone health
- increase your metabolism
- protect joints from injury

Cardio Vascular Fitness - works to get you better at exercising and elevating your heart rate. It's great for

- a healthy heart
- lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
- mental health and wellbeing

 Whatever your decision for wanting to increase your fitness you can rest assured that I will tailor your Personal Training Session to your individual goals and   

Prices & Booking
Prices & Booking

First off we start with a message or phone call. (That’s the hard part!) During the call we can discuss your goals and availability and book you in for a PT Consultation.

Intitial PT Consultation   

This will be our first meeting and, as well as filling in the necessary paperwork we will set your short, medium and long-term goals, and discuss your likes and dislikes!  We'll discuss the session and plan for the next week.

Fee - £25 (or included as session 1 in block booking)

PT Sessions

You can book ongoing sessions individually or in blocks of 5 or 10. You can book PT sessions as an individual or in a pair.

Individual sessions
£25 - 1 hour 
£15 - 30 minutes

On your first session you will need to pay a deposit which works out at as a double payment and this secures your PT space. No payment, no guarantee. 

Block of 10 consecutive 1:1 sessions
£200 - 1 hour

Block of 5 consecutive 1:1 sessions                                                                                  £105 - 1 hour

Block of 10 consecutive 1:2 sessions (pairs)
£300 - 1 hour

Please note for block bookings - if one of your sessions within a block booking needs to be rescheduled, we encourage you to do this within the same week.
However, there are situations when you may need to carry the session over to the next week and the following will apply. 

1 PT session a week - you can carry over 1 session within the x10 session block

2 PT sessions a week - you can carry over 2 sessions within the x10 session block

3 PT sessions a week - you can carry over 3 sessions within the x10 session block. 

"Becky is my personal trainer. I find I work best when I've got that accountability, someone to report to who will tell me what to do next, it works for me. Becky knows when to bring things back or push me forward. At the end of a session I'm a sweaty, minging mess and hoping I won't bump into anyone I know on Fore St but, oh so happy! I'm lighter, more energetic and enthusiastic about the rest of my day".

Lucy Smale